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Monthly Archives: October 2009

I’m glad I’m alive

I only quite recently began contributing to FLOSS – specifically helping the Frugalware Linux distribution as best I can.  It’s given my confidence a boost because I feel I’m doing something useful, and the feedback I’ve had has been very positive.  It’s also been a test of my knowledge in various areas and shown where I need to learn more.

I get frustrated sometimes that I don’t have enough spare time in which to contribute all that I want to contribute, and learn all that I can.  I sometimes think, “If only I’d started doing this 10 or more years ago, before I’d started a family, I could have done so much more…”

However my attitude changes when I hear of the tremendous loss of human life in Samoa and Indonesia due to the recent earthquakes and tidal waves.  Against this news I have to say “I’m glad I’m alive.”  Perhaps I may not achieve all that I want to achieve, but I think that while everyone ought to dream and plan for the future, we also need to focus on what we can achieve today.  If all we ever think of is what tomorrow might bring, and do nothing today, none of our dreams will ever come true.