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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Can Frugalware’s quality be improved?

Having listened to a recent Ubuntu UK Podcast episode (I’ll explain why I listen another day), in which a member of the Ubuntu development team was interviewed, I began thinking about QA (quality assurance). I would like to be able to say that Frugalware is a quality distribution, but how do you measure the quality of a distribution? I honestly don’t know yet.

In a typical software development project, it might include measurement of the number of bugs found, perhaps also how quickly they’re fixed. I’d like to contact those responsible for QA in other distributions and find out how they measure quality and what they do to ensure it’s at its best. I hope to take some of their practices and apply what’s relevant to Frugalware, perhaps also thinking of other ways.

Will I have the time required to do this? Only time will tell…