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I like Opera…should I be ashamed?

For reasons that I can’t explain, I recently decided to try Opera, the web browser etc, available for Windows, Linux and other platforms. So far I like what I see and am not missing (too much) the features which Firefox offers but which Opera does not. Opera appeals to me visually and I tend to be a sucker for a little eye candy, although it can’t be too bright.

I am using it at the moment as my main web browser, email client and IRC client. It also offers BitTorrent support but in a brief test this didn’t seem to work. The IRC client is quite basic and looks to be lacking a few features that I have used from XChat and other clients. My IRC needs are quite basic though so I’m not missing anything terribly (yet). Although I have steered clear of all-in-one types of applications before, I am finding it quite good to be able to switch between mail, IRC and web browsing in the one UI.

It’s early days and I don’t know if I will stick with Opera. If I do, how do I reconcile my love of FLOSS with my use of Opera, which although free as in beer, is not free as in freedom? I’ll have to wrestle with my conscience…


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