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SOLVED – Problem with RA Link wireless chipset

I recently bought an MSI Wind U200 notebook, which has RALink wireless firmware. The problem was that the kernel provided with my Linux distribution of choice – Frugalware – apparently didn’t include the file required to get the wireless working. Output of “dmesg” reported that it was looking for a firmware file “rt3090.bin”. I quickly confirmed that the file wasn’t included in the ralink-firmware package, so I went to the RALink web site and downloaded the firmware package quoted for the 3090 chipset, which I guessed was what I needed. The problem was that even this didn’t contain a “3090.bin” file. A little Internet searching later and I saw several people saying that simply creating a symlink named “rt3090.bin” to
“/lib/firmware/rt2860.bin” would solve my problem. So I simply created that symlink and wireless has been working well ever since.

Problem solved!


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