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What can you make with Salma Hayek?

The short answer is: Evergreen and Terminator. Confused? I’m not surprised!

The long answer: I recently stumbled across two applications which I am testing, and can be found here:

Terminator is a terminal emulator written in Java which runs on Linux, Windows (with Cygwin’s help) and Mac. It looks OK so far but it’s certainly slower to start than other terminal emulators. Features which make it different to other terminal emulators are the fact that by default it logs all output to log files, it has no limit on its scrollback buffer *AND* it has built-in find functionality. I think the find functionality would be cool, but I’m not sure just when/if I might need it.

Evergreen is a text editor/IDE written in Java which runs on Linux, Windows (with Cygwin’s help) and Mac. Like Terminator it looks OK so far but it’s not quite configured as I would like it. If it’s configuration can be changed to suit me then I may use it but if not, I’ll probably continue with my current editor(s).

With both of these being written in Java, they don’t quite have the native GTK look but they’re not too bad. I’ll report back here if I continue using them (or I may just forget completely). If I continue to use them I’ll ask that they be packaged for Frugalware Linux.

Now…where does Salma Hayek fit into the picture? In developing these two applications, the developer wrote a set of libraries which he named “Salma Hayek”. Why did he give it that name? Others have other asked him the same question, because his web site says “About the silly name: I needed a name for a repository containing useful Java classes shared by several projects. I couldn’t think of a good name, so I went for a nice name instead.” Before being able to compile Terminator and Evergreen, you first have to “make” salma-hayek so THAT’S why her name is in this blog entry’s title. 🙂


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