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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Firefox hint for the address bar

Firefox allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts to search engines, allowing you to conduct searches from within the address bar. Assigning the shortcut “G” to Google for example, allows you to do a Google search in the address bar. If you’re searching for references to Halle Berry, you could type ‘g “halle berry”‘ into the address bar. 

When I discovered this I was left thinking “Why do I leave the search bar displayed, when I am now using the address bar to search?” To remove it I simply right clicked on the toolbar containing the search bar and from within the dialog, removed the search bar. Voila! I now have a cleaner-looking Firefox without missing any functionality.


I won’t be using Evergreen and Terminator

I recently blogged about two applications written in Java which I was testing – Evergreen and Terminator. After a little testing I have decided not to use them. Evergreen is a text editor with features aimed at development – i.e. writing code. Although I like some of its features, it’s not as customisable as I would like. Terminator also offers some interesting features but since it’s a terminal emulator, it’s slow to start and when I need a terminal I want it *now*. Both of the applications do what their developer says they do, so there’s no problem there. I won’t be using them though because I think I have better options available.

I still like Opera but I no longer *love* it

I recently blogged that I liked Opera and was using it as my main web browser. I was uncomfortable with this because I have always been a fan of FLOSS. Although Opera is free, it’s not open source. I liked the visual style of Opera, also some of its features, including a built-in IRC client which I thought looked quite nice.

I had a few problems occurring though, with Opera 10.60, where there were delays in closing and opening tabs for no reason I could understand. Also the IRC client, although lovely, didn’t support logging so I had no record of what I had discussed with people. I tried a new build – Opera 10.70 – but this had the same delays at various times and would sometimes lose all content of tabs.

I have now switched back to Firefox and am testing the FF 4 Beta. To ease the pain of switching back from Opera I have installed a few add-ons which are working well. Lack of add-ons in Opera was something I couldn’t quite understand. I know that they’re implemented differently than for FF but there really didn’t seem to be many options for customisation and most of the options that did exist appeared to be quite old.

X is freezing on my MSI Wind U200

I thought I had won a battle with my MSI Wind U200 in enabling wireless while running Frugalware Linux 1.3rc1 but I have another problem…it’s freezing. Now this is not because it’s Winter here in the southern hemisphere, it’s definitely a problem with a driver or…something. When I first installed 1.3 (following the rolling release known as ‘current’) I successfully enabled wireless support and was a happy user. Soon afterward though I found that X would freeze, although I could still move the mouse’s cursor. I couldn’t find out what was causing the problem but I’m quite sure it was the result of my fiddling to get wireless support working.

At the moment I have wiped the PC clean and reinstalled Frugalware 1.2 and it’s no longer freezing, but I also no longer have wireless support. This is not a big problem at the moment because I only use wireless support at home and at the moment I am simply using a wired connection instead. Soon though, I hope to install Frugalware 1.3 in addition to 1.2 on the PC and do some more troubleshooting.