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I still like Opera but I no longer *love* it

I recently blogged that I liked Opera and was using it as my main web browser. I was uncomfortable with this because I have always been a fan of FLOSS. Although Opera is free, it’s not open source. I liked the visual style of Opera, also some of its features, including a built-in IRC client which I thought looked quite nice.

I had a few problems occurring though, with Opera 10.60, where there were delays in closing and opening tabs for no reason I could understand. Also the IRC client, although lovely, didn’t support logging so I had no record of what I had discussed with people. I tried a new build – Opera 10.70 – but this had the same delays at various times and would sometimes lose all content of tabs.

I have now switched back to Firefox and am testing the FF 4 Beta. To ease the pain of switching back from Opera I have installed a few add-ons which are working well. Lack of add-ons in Opera was something I couldn’t quite understand. I know that they’re implemented differently than for FF but there really didn’t seem to be many options for customisation and most of the options that did exist appeared to be quite old.


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