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X is freezing on my MSI Wind U200

I thought I had won a battle with my MSI Wind U200 in enabling wireless while running Frugalware Linux 1.3rc1 but I have another problem…it’s freezing. Now this is not because it’s Winter here in the southern hemisphere, it’s definitely a problem with a driver or…something. When I first installed 1.3 (following the rolling release known as ‘current’) I successfully enabled wireless support and was a happy user. Soon afterward though I found that X would freeze, although I could still move the mouse’s cursor. I couldn’t find out what was causing the problem but I’m quite sure it was the result of my fiddling to get wireless support working.

At the moment I have wiped the PC clean and reinstalled Frugalware 1.2 and it’s no longer freezing, but I also no longer have wireless support. This is not a big problem at the moment because I only use wireless support at home and at the moment I am simply using a wired connection instead. Soon though, I hope to install Frugalware 1.3 in addition to 1.2 on the PC and do some more troubleshooting.


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