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Thankyou, but I don’t want touchscreen support for my PC

Recently, Frugalware developer Devil505 packaged libraries such as utouch-grail (Gesture Recognition And Instantiation Library) and utouch-geis (Implementation of the Gesture Engine Interface and Support interface). If I understand correctly, these provide underlying support for touchscreens. I appreciate Devil505’s efforts because providing support for touch screens for those who have them simply makes sense. However I won’t be installing them, even when I buy a touchscreen.

My wallpaper features Halle Berry but I had to promise my wife that while using the PC I would have any open window set to fullscreen mode. 😦 I am OK with that, because I get to see her (Halle) for at least a little while, every time I log in. If I had a touchscreen, how could I possibly explain to my wife why it is that I am stroking my wallpaper? Even if I took the time to explain the advantage of making touchscreen gestures instead of using a mouse, she simply wouldn’t allow it. Instead I would have to choose something else, maybe one which featured scenery. I don’t want to be without Halle, though, so sorry but I don’t want touchscreen support for my PC.


One response to “Thankyou, but I don’t want touchscreen support for my PC

  1. Devil505 30 September 2010 at 1:38 pm

    Actually I packaged them because I will need them one day, for one of the Ayatana related packages.I don’t have a touchscreen so I didn’t test too :p

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