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I hate PulseAudio :(

Perhaps it’s too strong a statement but at the moment it’s true. This morning I wanted to play a video so I used the default GNOME media player. The video was playing but I couldn’t hear anything. I then spent about 15 minutes in the GNOME and PulseAudio controls turning switches off and on, increasing and decreasing volumes, trying anything so that I could hear the video’s soundtrack. Finally I got it working and watched and listened to the video. I had to stop watching before the end of the video so I shut my PC down. Later, when I wanted to watch again I opened the video in the GNOME media player and again couldn’t hear anything. I againspent about 7 minutes fiddling with controls until finally I could heard the video’s soundtrack.


If I was a sound engineer and fiddling with audio controls was what I did for a job, I’d probably enjoy this. Since I just wanted to watch and listen to the video, I was getting quite angry. Maybe my problems are not due to PulseAudio but some other issue. I can’t imagine what it could be, and can’t seem to find a sequence of steps that works every time.


This is one of several things that frustrates me at the moment. I hope that one day I’ll work out what’s going wrong and that playing a video will again be a simple task, as it was before PulseAudio was introduced.


3 responses to “I hate PulseAudio :(

  1. Devil505 12 October 2010 at 5:16 am

    You’re not alone, i also have some troubles with indicator-sound (which using pulseaudio). 😉

  2. vmiklos 19 October 2010 at 12:45 pm

    /me is a happy KDE user without pulse installed. 🙂

  3. phayz 19 October 2010 at 8:47 pm

    vmiklos – Thanks for your comment. Even with all the trouble with PulseAudio, I’m not going to switch to KDE. At least not yet.

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