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I love Microsoft (mice) :) :(

Let me first say that I love FLOSS, both the idea and the products which are created in the spirit of openness. However in my personal experience I have found that I like Microsoft mice more than any other brand I have tried. Of course I haven’t tried every brand in the world but over my many IT years I have tried quite a few. I recently bought my very first laptop and got from a friend a Microsoft wireless mouse.


I like the fact that Microsoft mice are usually: good looking, have quiet buttons and scroll wheels and make the Nano transceiver easily accessible. Compare this with a Logitech wireless mouse I use with a work laptop: the scroll wheel is quite noisy, the Nano transceiver is to be stored in the battery compartment, and it doesn’t look nearly as nice as the Microsoft mouse.

I expect there are even better mice than the one I have but they soon become expensive. I don’t think I’d ever pay much for a mouse, since I don’t see the advantages. More money seems to bring you more buttons and on a mouse I most often use only the left and right buttons, together with the wheel (which of course also serves as a button). I don’t need a mouse with 64 buttons. I am not a gamer, so incredible accuracy doesn’t matter to me. As long as I can click on or select what I am aiming for, without the mouse pointer wandering, I’m happy.
In summary then, I apologise, but I like Microsoft mice. And as my psychiatrist asked me, “And how does that make you feel?”, it makes me feel good to have a nice mouse, but bad that I’m using a Microsoft product. 🙂

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