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HOWTO: Download content for offline viewing

I was recently reading a post from the official Disqus blog and they mentioned that they had given a talk at Pycon 2011, with the video being available at I hadn’t viewed anything at before and found that the videos are, of course, shown using Flash. I wanted to be able to view them offline and, since I use Chromium as my prefered browser, went looking for an extension would allow me to download them. I couldn’t find anything but I did find a bookmarklet which launched a Javascript application which showed the link to the video content, allowing you to download it offline.

I tried the bookmarklet and it worked as advertised but it linked to a web site which displayed ads. I thought “Hey, if all it’s doing is finding the link, why can’t I do that myself?” So went back to, viewed the source and looked for the link(s) to the video file and entered the link alone in the address bar. This started dispaying the video and only the video in Chromium and I could then right-click on the video and use the “Download” link to save the video file locally.

If anyone has suggestions as to how this might be done better I’m happy to receive comments. I’m just happy that I can download the videos.


One response to “HOWTO: Download content for offline viewing

  1. Curious Citizen 8 May 2012 at 6:33 am

    And this bookmarklet is… where exactly?

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