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My current favourite Chrom(e|ium) extensions


Here are the Chrom(e|ium) extensions and apps which I am currently using and the purpose for which I have them installed. This list may not be of use to anyone else but at least if I lose all my extensions I know where to get a list of those I did have installed. πŸ™‚

I’m trying to keep the list of extensions to a minimum because I know they use memory all the time they’re running.



Scribefire – blog entry writing, which allows for writing entries offline. Since I usually think of stuff I want to blog about while offline, this was an important feature.

App Launcher – provides an icon in the top bar from which I can choose an installed application.

Adblock PLus for Google Chrome – blocks ads. πŸ™‚ I’m still not sure if this is worth having installed but I’ll wait and see.

Diigo Bookmark etc… – to bookmark pages of interest. I am experimenting with this extension as a way of bookmarking and storing web pages which I want to read later.

Google Tasks – provides a full-window view of tasks in Google Tasks.

Quickrr World Clock – displays the current time in whatever locations around the world you choose. I use this when chatting in IRC and want to know the local time elsewhere.

RSS Subscription Extension – I use this to subscribe quickly and easly to RSS feeds.



imo – This is basically a link to the imo chat web site which provides a web interface to multiple instant messaging networks.

Quick Note – allows you to store text and images both locally and synchronise with your personal Diigo “library”. I am testing this as a way of making notes about stuff that I need to have access to offline.



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