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Stable is…ummm…stable

I like Frugalware for the fact that you choose between 6-monthly releases with only security updates, or a rolling release. Having the latest packages available is fantastic if you want to get the latest features. I have an anti-Midas touch though, and although I have used ‘current’ in the past, I need to stay with ‘stable’. Every time I switch from stable to current, something goes wrong and my laptop doesn’t boot reliably or soemthing which worked before now doesn’t work. In those cases I can sometimes work out what went wrong and fix it, or otherwise I reinstall stable.

I don’t know for how long I’ll be able to resist switching to current but I’m hoping it’s a long time. Stable is…ummm…stable. I have only two hardware issues at the moment: wireless doesn’t work and nor does my laptop’s in-built web cam. I need to get wireless working but I haven’t yet put much effort towards this. Otherwise I’m happy because I’m not updating packages daily and so can rely on being productive.



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