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Guayadeque – a nice desktop-neutral media player

I have been searching for an audio player which can take the place of Rhythmbox, because I switch between the GNOME and Xfce desktop environments. My main problem has been that I don’t know what I am looking for, only what I don’t want. 😦 I have tried all of the GUI audio media players available in the Frugalware repositories. After a long search I am currently using Guayadeque – It’s quite light on dependencies but is very full featured, including support for:

  • Cross-fade
  • Lyrics
  • Downloading album artwork
  • Audio
  • Podcasts
  • Recording

Screenshot of Guayadeque audio player

I may not use an audio player like most people because I usually listen to just one album at a time. Guayadeque suits me but I can’t explain just why I like it. Just as different text editors suit different people, the same applies to audio media players. I am beginning to understand just why there are so many media players available on Linux: not everyone’s the same. The only thing I now need to do is find an application which allows me to rip tracks from a CD into my preferred format. I’m thinking that a console-based application would be best. When I find one I like I’ll report back here.

For the moment, keep on rocking!


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