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I think I’m in love…with a GTK theme

Yes, I have to admit it – I love the Murrine-Unity-Carbonite GTK theme. I am often searching for the “perfect” theme but am usually disappointed. I can’t recall where I first saw the Murrine-Unity set of themes (Carbonite being the grey version) but it was probably the Gnome Look site. What can I say but it’s everything I ever wanted in a theme and more: it’s not glossy, menus look good, buttons look good, the GNOME panel looks good, in fact everything looks good to my eyes. I have also tested it under Xfce and it looks good there too! I sometimes get excited (yes, I agree that I should get out and see more of the world) by a theme under GNOME and then find out that it doesn’t look quite as good under Xfce. Sign. 😦

For the moment I am very happy with this theme and I hope we’re together for a long time. That doesn’t mean I can’t look at other themes, just not while I’m using Murrine-Unity. 🙂

I hope you like what you see.

Screenshot of Murrine Unity Carbonite GTK theme


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