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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Online and offline notes for Chrom(e|ium)

I often need to make a note of something when browsing the web and, since my current web browser of choice is Chromium, I have been looking for a suitable extension. I soon discovered Scratchpad, an extension developed by Google. It allows you to keep free-format text notes which are stored locally and, if you choose, synchronise them with a Google Docs account. This looked to do what I wanted but after a little testing I found it annoying because when you click on the extension’s icon it appears in a small window in the top right-hand corner of the browser’s window. I also found that items I was deleting via the extension were not being deleted from my Google Docs account.

I then started using an extension called Quick Note which offered much the same functionality but synchronised with Diigo, not Google Docs. Later I stumbled across a blog post which revived my interest in Scratchpad because it showed a simple method of having it open in a full tab instead of a tiny window. Since I discovered this tip I have again switched my storage of online and offline notes back to Scratchpad from Quick Note.

Since I plan to store all sorts of information (some would say “rubbish” 😛 ) via Scratchpad, having a full-content search capability would be useful. The above blog post also listed a solution to this, with Google Docs is used as a custom search engine solely for documents stored via Scratchpad.

At least for the moment I’m very happy with Scratchpad and so will continue to use it. Keep an eye on my blog though, in case I find something I like more. 😛