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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Zoom zoom in GNOME 3’s Overview

When you press the Windows (AKA “Super”) key, GNOME presents the Overview, a thumbnail view of all the open windows. By accident I discovered that if you hover the mosue cursor over any of the thumbnails and move the mouse’s scroll button, you can zoom in and out the thumbnail. I’m not sure in what version of GNOME 3 this was introduced, nor what you would use it for my I thought I would mention it here anyway. 😀


How to run a Chromium “snapshot” build on Fedora 15

First, a little background: although Chromium is kindly packaged by Tom Callaway (a maintainer of a LOT of Fedora packages), when I installed it I had several problems occur. Instead I decided to try running a Chromium snapshot and it seemed simple enough:

Download the latest snapshot build (in Zip file)

  1. Unzip it to ~/bin
  2. Run the chrome binary contained

When I tried this, though, it complained that it couldn’t load a BZip2 library. Chromium was looking for the library by a different name so I created a symlink in /lib64:

ln -s


WARNING – WARNING – WARNING: Although the next step(s) won’t harm your system I have worked out a better method of getting “Open with…” functionality working for Chromium. I will update this post with those details when I have time.

My next problem was that when I tried to use the “Open with…” functionality anywhere, a new instance of Chromium was started with a separate window and it complained that it couldn’t access my profile. I guess it didn’t like two instances running at the same time. As an ugly hack I installed the packaged version of Chromium, then:

  1. Renamed /bin/chromium-browser to chromium-browser.OLD
  2. Created a symlink /bin/chromium-browser to ~/bin/chrome-linux/chrome

So far everything’s working as I want it to but only time will tell if I have been successful. In the future I expect I’ll revert to the packaged version but for now this method is without errors and that’s what I need.