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Online web-based notes

In a previous blog entry ( I wrote that I had been trying to find a way of maintaining notes using the Chrom(e|ium) web browser. I wanted to be able to make a note of little bits and pieces of information via my web browser *plus* have these available when I was offline. At the time I settled on the Scratchpad extension because it did what I wanted and had a bonus of keeping notes in sync on Google Docs.

After a little while I stopped using Scratchpad because I didn’t like how it looked, nor how it stored the notes on Google Docs. I later tried the SpringPad web service but this was much more than I wanted and offered an offline option only if using Chrome (or Chromium). I didn’t want my choice limited by the browser I was using at the time. For the moment I am using a web-based service named SimpleNote ( because it’s very simple but offers searching of notes. It doesn’t work offline unfortunately but I usually need these notes when the PC is on and I have Internet connectivity most of the time. If I am desperate I could try one of the third-party applications which allow for notes to be exported.

Once again I’m happy at the moment with my choice. I may change my mind again, so be prepared for future blog entries on the topic. 😀


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