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HowTo: Create a simple, private online photo slideshow

TL;DR I can recommend PhotoSwipe to anyone who needs to create an online photo slideshow on their own web host.

I was recently asked to create an online photo slideshow. Despite being web savvy, I had never done anything like this so I asked my colleagues for suggestions. As a result I used PhotoSwipe, and found it was incredibly easy to get working. All I needed was a web host and access to upload the files which made up the slideshow application.

The steps required were:

  1. Download PhotoSwipe;
  2. Extract the contents of the PhotoSwipe zip file;
  3. Upload PhotoSwipe to a folder on the web host;
  4. Edit the index.html with the names of the images and configuration options;
  5. Upload the images.

Other hosted options such as Dropbox’s native slideshow option would have achieved a similar result but in my case I needed to keep the slideshow private.


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