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Troubleshooting GDM error message “Oh no! Something has gone wrong”

After a recent update of several packages I booted and instead of the GDM’s login screen it showed me a full-screen error message featuring a wonderfully smiling monitor: “Oh no! Something has gone wrong.” My first reaction was to panic but I soon calmed down. My problem was that I had never seen a fatal message like this from GDM and so didn’t know how to diagnose the problem. I Googled the title of the message and found that the following log file should contain any detailed error messages that GDM is reporting.


I successfully logged in at a console (i.e. non-GDM) by appending “3” to the GRUB kernel line (which specifies the run level to be booted into). I then looked at the above log file and, amongst the messages found that the file “/usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/gdm.css” was reported missing. I confirmed that that file was not there. I’m not sure what package is supposed to contain it but from doing a “pacman-g2 -Qo <file>” on other files in the same directory, it seems it should have come with the Frugalware GDM theme. For the moment I copied this file from another distribution, logged out and rebooted. This time GDM started as normal and I could log in.

Problem solved! \O/


Zoom zoom in GNOME 3’s Overview

When you press the Windows (AKA “Super”) key, GNOME presents the Overview, a thumbnail view of all the open windows. By accident I discovered that if you hover the mosue cursor over any of the thumbnails and move the mouse’s scroll button, you can zoom in and out the thumbnail. I’m not sure in what version of GNOME 3 this was introduced, nor what you would use it for my I thought I would mention it here anyway. 😀

GNOME 3 tip: remove title bar from maximised windows

Note: This tip was presented by the Web Upd8 site but I wanted to mention it here in case people hadn’t already seen it there.

In a standard GNOME 3 windows have a titlebar which contains only the window’s title and a close button. To maximise the amount of vertical space available, the tip presented on the Web Upd8 site changes the theme so that maximised windows no longer have a title bar. Since the name of the application also appears in the panel at the top of the screen, there’s no information lost there. And even though the close button is no longer visible, you can easily access the window controls menu by pressing [Alt] + [Space].

If you have a netbook or simply want a little extra vertical space, try this tip for yourself.